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My parents plan on staying in NYC beyond my move-in day. Will I have time to hang out with them?

While it is common to have family members stay in NYC for an extended amount of time to sightsee and/or visit other family and friends, the week of orientation is packed with mandatory and social programs and affords little time much else. It is a vital opportunity to learn the Columbia ropes, make connections, and build friendships within your new undergraduate community.


I have a disability. How will my needs be accommodated during orientation?

We have an incredible Office of Disability Services here at Columbia! Students are strongly encouraged to contact the office to discuss any disabilities prior to NSOP, to prepare for orientation week and the academic year. Please email the office by late July.


How do I get to campus, and where do I park when I arrive?

When you arrive on campus on your move-in day, Public Safety will greet you, guide you to a temporary unloading area, and provide a map to nearby parking garages.


If I've shipped items to campus, where do I pick up my packages?

Students with photo ID can pick up their packages from the mail room. The mail room does not deliver packages to the residence halls. Due to the high volume of packages delivered at the beginning of the semester, there may be a wait of more than a week to access your shipment(s). Please plan to bring with you or to purchase locally anything you'll need in the first 1-2 weeks.


What should I do if I'm coming from far away and can't pack everything?

There are many places near campus where you can purchase toiletries and other supplies for your room. We also offer a free shuttle bus to and from the Bed Bath & Beyond at Lincoln Center (1932 Broadway, New York, NY 10023) during NSOP! You can ship packages to your school address starting two weeks before orientation.


How do I set up a bank account?

Columbia University has a special banking relationship with Santander Bank, and you'll find Santander ATMs on campus. Other banks can also be found within walking distance of the campus.


Global Ambassador Program Application

The application is now closed. If you have any questions about your application, please email GAP Coordinators

Interested in intercultural exchange? Ready to step out of your comfort zone to make new friends and/or learn new cultures? Plan to apply for an international internship? Just Returned from a fabulous study abroad trip and crave for more intercultural experiences? Join the Global Ambassador Program! 


2017 Application for Pre-orientation Programs

During the week prior to the New Student Orientation Program, first-year Columbia College and Columbia Engineering students may apply to participate in one of our three pre-orientation programs:

  • Columbia Outdoor Orientation Program (COÖP - pronounced "coh-op")
  • Columbia Urban Experience (CUE) - Barnard College students may also apply
  • International Student Orientation Program (ISOP)

All programs are amazing opportunities to meet other first-year students and share in a common experience.


Nomination for Graduating Student Speaker at Lavender Graduation

Nominate a graduating student to serve as the Graduating Student Speaker at Lavender Graduation. Both nominations and self-nominations are welcomed and encouraged!

Nomination deadline is Sunday, April 2, 2017 at 11:59 p.m.

If you have any questions about the graduating student speaker at Lavender Graduation, please email us.

1 Start 2 Nomination 3 Complete

2015 ISOP Head OL and OL Information

Please complete the following questions by 11:59 p.m. Sunday, April 12. The information you submit will be used for the ISOP program book and for preparation for the ISOP OL training. A sample of last year's ISOP booklet was emailed to you for your reference.

Please contact Chia-Ying Pan with any questions about completing this information.

Information for ISOP Booklet
Please put it the way exactly you want to appear in the ISOP booklet.
Please watch this video if you would like to learn more about pronouns in use:
This photo will appear on the ISOP booklet.
Files must be less than 50 MB.
Allowed file types: jpg.
ISOP Logistics Info:
Please provide country code if it is not a U.S. number.


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