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Undergraduate International Travel Policy

Travel Program FAQ

What happens if I do not apply for Program Approval?

Undergraduate students from Columbia College, Columbia Engineering and the School of General Studies may not be able to obtain School Sponsorship if the programs they want to attend have not received Program Approval, and as a result they will be in violation of the Undergraduate International Travel Policy should they still attend your program. 

How long will review and approval of a Program Approval application take?

We are committed to reviewing and assessing applications in a timely and prompt manner. Each Program Approval application will be reviewed and assessed individually for several risk variables, as the safety and security of our students is our priority.

How do I know if my Program Approval application has been received? Approved? Denied?

You will receive an email from when your application is received, as well as when a final determination has been made. You may also check the status of your application or any other required steps of the Program Approval process by logging in to the Undergraduate Travel Web App.

Can I add additional details and/or destinations to my application once it’s been approved?

Yes! You may make edits to to your application at any point. Please note that adding new details and/or destinations will place your application back in “Review” status until the Undergraduate Travel Review Committee reviews, assesses and provides a new determination.  If locations added are of a medium, high or extreme location risk rating, your application may need require steps as well as a new review and assessment.

Do I have to reapply for Program Approval each time I facilitate the same trip?

Approved programs will be automatically available in the Undergraduate Travel Web App each semester. However, existing Columbia-Led, Columbia-Facilitated and/or Recognized International Travel programs that have changes to program destinations and/or to any of the risk variables must log in to the Undergradute Travel Web App to reapply for Program Approval.

When do I need to apply for Program Approval?

One program organizer is expected to apply for Program Approval after key logistical components of the trip are determined (i.e. all destinations, accommodations, transportation, activities and/or excursions). The faculty, staff or student leader program organizer must complete a Program Approval application at least six weeks prior to departure.

What types of travel need Program Approval?

Any new international program that is Columbia-Led, Columbia-Facilitated and/or Recognized International Travel that is open to undergraduates of Columbia College, Columbia Engineering and the School of General Studies requires Program Approval.  

How do I apply for Program Approval?

Program Approval applications can be submitted through the Undergraduate Travel Web App.

Need Program Approval?

If you are a Columbia faculty or staff member and have an opportunity, program or excursion that is recognized or supported by Columbia and involves international travel, please see our Travel Programs page.


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