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Undergraduate International Travel Policy

About the Policy

The Undergraduate International Travel Policy

Columbia recognizes that experiences beyond the classroom are not only an essential part of our mission, but are often integral to students’ pursuit of academic, professional and personal development. We support and encourage our undergraduates to be the best prepared and most informed travelers – in both the travel-planning process and throughout their travel.

These policies and procedures are required of the undergraduate students of Columbia College, Columbia University, and the School of General Studies, as well as any undergraduate or graduate students taking part in programming run, funded or facilitated by Undergraduate Student Life, the Center for Undergraduate Global Engagement and/or the Center for Career Education.

The policy’s goal is to focus on better supporting the health, safety and security of our undergraduates while they pursue transformative, meaningful and engaging educational experiences beyond the classroom.

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The Undergraduate Travel Review Committee

The Undergraduate Travel Review Committee, composed of representatives from the University and the undergraduate schools, is responsible for decisions about school sponsorship and for updates about safety protocols. You can contact the Undergraduate Travel Review Committee by sending an email to

Need Program Approval?

If you are a Columbia faculty or staff member and have an opportunity, program or excursion that is recognized or supported by Columbia and involves international travel, please see our Travel Programs page.


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