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Interview Workshop October 3, 2008

Combined Degree Programs (MDPhD and MDMPH)

Combined Degree Programs

Many medical schools and other healt professions schools offer students the opportunity to pursue combined or dual degree programs in a variety of different discipl


“Deviant Perceptions on the Current Economic Crisis” with Bruce Greenwald

30 September 2009

Who is eligible to utilize the services of the Office of Preprofessional Advising, CSA?

Our office serves Columbia College and The Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Science undergraduates and alumni.


How do I sign up for the prehealth listserv?

To subscribe, send an e-mail to Leave the subject line blank and delete signature lines. In the body of the text, type either "subscribe ccseas-pre-health Your Name" (no quotations or e-mail address).To unsubscribe, send a message to In the body of the text, type "signoff ccseas-pre-health".

How do I sign up for the prelaw listserv?

To subscribe, send an e-mail to Leave the subject line blank and delete signature lines.


How do I find out more information about a department or program?

Each department and academic program in Columbia College has a Director of Undergraduate Studies, a faculty member who can answer your questions about requirements for the major or concentration, g

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Can my CUSP Advisor write a letter of recommendation for me?

CUSP Advisors cannot write letters for the CUSP Summer Enhancement Fellowship. However, they are happy to write for any other fellowship or internship.


Can I indicate more than one internship/research position on the fellowship application?

Yes. Please prepare a complete application packet listing the different internship/research positions .  Please submit only one set of recommendations.  For further information, please see a CUSP Advisor.



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