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We're happy to welcome you to campus any time, and most especially at our special events for families: Class Day and Commencement, Family Days, and Family Orientation!

> Family Days for 2023: TBD

Family Days are a campus-wide celebration of all Columbia College and Columbia Engineering (undergraduate) families. Students and families gather to enjoy Homecoming and a weekend full of activities. Check this space in September for a list of events and how to register!

> Class Day and Commencement

Class Day is a school-specific ceremony during which individual students are recognized for their achievements.

> Family Orientation for 2023: August 27

During Family Orientation, we welcome new families to Columbia and help them prepare for their students’ transitions to Columbia and the move to Morningside Heights. Check this space in the spring for details!

Student and Family Support


Alfred Lerner Hall, 6th Floor

Call: 212-854-2446