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Columbia College

Academic Affairs manages the development and administration of academic curriculum, policies, and procedures for Columbia College; provides direction and support for our Core Curriculum; oversees the academic advising of our students; and assists the faculty of Columbia University in their exceptional work with our undergraduates.

Academic Affairs includes the Center for the Core Curriculum, Undergraduate Research and Fellowships, and The James H. and Christine Turk Berick Center for Student Advising.

You and your student are strongly encouraged to consult the Columbia College Bulletin for important information, including available academic courses, policies, calendars, special programs and more.

Columbia Engineering

The Office of the Dean stewards the academic programs of Columbia Engineering, allowing students to pursue their academic interests under the guidance of outstanding senior faculty members who teach both undergraduate and graduate level courses.

You and your student are strongly encouraged to consult the Columbia Engineering Bulletin for important information including available academic courses, policies, calendars, special programs and more.


Academic Planning Guide

Before students meet with their CSA advisers, they should review the Academic Planning Guide, an essential resource for their first year at Columbia that covers all requirements and policies specific to their term of entry.

Academic Calendar

It is important that students familiarize themselves with the Academic Calendar to stay on top of important dates like registration, the first day of classes, midterms, and holidays. Important Tip: You must filter the academic calendar to see the right dates for your specific school! This calendar tool serves the entire University and all 16 schools.

School Bulletin

Your student's school Bulletin will provide detailed information about required courses and prospective majors. It also outlines the rules, regulations, and disciplinary procedures that govern your school. 

View the Columbia College Bulletin

View the Columbia Engineering Bulletin

Explore Classes


Vergil is your student's hub for exploring classes. It allows them to search for courses by instructor, date and time, department, subject area, key words, and more. Vergil’s Course Planner and graphical calendar interface enable students to keep track of courses of interest and export their projected schedules to your other calendar apps. They can also browse courses, syllabi, and textbook information, and export their course selections to SSOL so they are ready to register during their next registration appointment.

Learn how to use Vergil

Directory of Classes

The Directory of Classes contains the schedules for all courses offered in all undergraduate and graduate programs at Columbia University (with the exception of Teachers College). Students should use their respective school Bulletins for registration purposes, since not all courses in the Directory of Classes are open to undergraduates. Students should contact their CSA advisers if they have any questions about which courses are available to them.

Student Services Online

Student Services Online (SSOL) provides access to your student records, including grades, registration appointments, class schedules, financial aid information, and account details. Official transcripts may also be ordered via SSOL. To access this information, students must first activate their Columbia UNI. Among the many useful tools in SSOL is the Degree Audit Report (DAR). The DAR is a way for students to monitor their progress toward degree completion. Keep in mind that the DAR is a tool and not a formal transcript. All degree and major requirements are set forth in your student's school-specific bulletin.

Books & Course Materials

The Columbia University Bookstore, located in Lerner Hall, is your student's source for course materials. Professors will provide information about required materials on course syllabi, which students receive on the first day of class. Visit the Columbia University Bookstore website to buy or rent materials and choose to have them delivered or pick them up in-store.

Using CourseWorks

Students can manage your courses with CourseWorks (also known as “CW” or “Canvas”), which is Columbia's learning management system. In CourseWorks, students can access their syllabi, discussion boards, online assignments, and tests.

Scheduling and Records

The Office of the University Registrar serves the needs of faculty and students in both schools through scheduling, registration and enrollment, record keeping, transcripts, and reporting.

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