Cereal Music playlist for 04/12/2011

Artist Title Album Label Link
Koutzen, Boris Eidolons Jacob Maxim (piano) LP/Serenus
Gliere, Reinhold Concerto for Voice and Orchestra, Op. 82 Valentina Maksimora (soprano), Leningrad Philharmonic Orchestra LP/Monitor
Koutzen, Boris Concertino for Piano and Strings Robert Guralnik (piano), Orchestre Lamoureux, Leon Barzin (conductor) LP/Serenus
Koutzen, Boris Sonatina for two pianos Jacob Maxim and Robert Guralnik LP/Serenus
Mirzoyan, Eduard Symphony for string orchestra and kettledrums in C Major Moscow Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra LP/ Melodiya
Arutyunyan, Eric Concerto-Poem for violin and orchestra A. Tstikyan (violin), Moscow Radio Opera-Symphony Orchestra LP/Melodiya
Miaskovsky, Nikolai Sonata No. 2 in A minor for Cello and Piano Wendy Warner (Cello), Irina Nuzova (piano)