WKCR’s Classical Department embraces the station’s “alternative” mission by broadcasting music that you can’t find anywhere else on the airwaves. Instead of playing classical’s “greatest hits” or airing excerpted movements, WKCR Classical explores the full breadth and depth of Western art music and shares works in their entirety.

The Classical Department’s programming spans both time and genre. Special shows are devoted exclusively to early music, opera, and J.S. Bach. In addition, the department broadcasts six weekly shows that are wholly curated by programmers. This open-ended approach means that you might tune into Cereal Music on Monday and hear an entire show of Benjamin Britten. Tuesday’s edition could be dedicated to tracing the evolution of the overture. Wednesday may be a showcase of 20th century wind quintet music. Hand in hand with the department’s boundless variety, WKCR Classical seeks to always bring you great music and informative programming.

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