Cereal Music playlist for 09/02/2013

Jake Gagne
Artist Title Album Label Link
Carl Stalling Hillbilly Hare The Carl Stalling Project, Volume 1 Warner Bros. 9 26027-2
John Zorn Road Runner performed by Mie Miki - accordion
John Zorn Carny; Cat O'Nine Tails; For Your Eyes Only Cartoon S&M Tzadik TZ 7330-2
John Zorn Passagen Lemma Tzadik TZ 8095
John Zorn The Dead Man Cartoon S&M Tzadik TZ 7330-2
John Zorn Femina Femina Tzadik TZ 7377
John Zorn Blue; Pink Elegy Tzadik TZ 7302
John Zorn Conneries Rimbaud Tzadik TZ 8301

As part of the John Zorn @ 60 birthday broadcast, a show focusing on Zorn's classical output and its connection to the Warner Bros. cartoon music of the 1930s and '40s, especially works by Carl Stalling, a composer whom Zorn cites as a key inspiration.