Cereal Music playlist for 07/30/2013


Welcome to the July 30th, 2013 edition of Cereal Music, our loyal listener. This is a new experience for me; my usual show is Afternoon Classical on Fridays, which as you may know includes the beloved 'Bach Hour." For as much as I enjoy Bach, our Friday shows can sometimes be limited by the requirement of each 90 minute dichotomy that the show's schedule calls for. Today therefore will be an unusually delightful opportunity to explore an alternate course of programming. As I think it is the case in life, to try something new is to live. Of course, I do not intend to be overwhelmingly metaphysical in this assertion, but forming this general principal allows me to advance the notion that for as much as nature attempts to propel itself towards equilibrium it is often the dissonance created in all of our endeavors that makes life and our human experience so admirable. That is to say, in alternatively coherent way, that growth necessitates change, and being the instrumentalists of our conscience and experience it is not so much a fundamental right to grow so much as it is our obligation.

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As always, it's a pleasure to share today's music with you.