In All Languages playlist for 08/21/2011

Anneke Dunbar-Gronke
Artist Title Album Label Link
Skagit Guardian Spirit Song; Lummi Paddling Song; Story of The Rock and the Little Crabs; Chinook Jargon Songs; Shaker Church Songs; Klallam Love Song; Quinault Lullaby; Quinault Love Song; Tsaiyak Society Songs; Makah Bone Game Songs Music of the American Indian - Northwest (Puget Sound) Archive of Folk Culture
The Scalp Lock Singers Blackfoot Theme Song; Capturing Song; Owl Dance Song; Feather Belt Dance; Traditional Whip Dance; Chicken Dance Stop Song; Traditional War Dance Song; Traditional Fancy Dance Song; Straight Fancy Dance Song; Courtship Song; Sun Dance Lullaby The Canadian Blackfoot Indians
Mungo Margin; Tom Willie Johnson; Fred Louis, Ella Thompson, Mrs. Peter Kelly, Dr. Ida Halpern, Mrs. Florence Davidson Play Songs, Love Songs, Drinking Songs, Paddle Song, Hummingbird Song, Tsimshian Song, Chinook Love Song Haida: Indian Music of the Pacific Northwest Ethnic Folkways Records
Alfred Golding; Juan Ariwares; Numa 'wasoa't; Katco'ra' Mike Barley; Charles Wilson; Peter Hammon; Clam; Frances Densmore Yuma Ca 'Koramu's DAnce Song; Cocopa Tcumanpa 'Xwa Dance Song; Yuma LIghtning Songs; Yuma Songs Used in the Treatment of the Sick; Yuma Song with Cremation Legend; Cocopa Songs with Cremation Legend Songs of the Yuma, Cocopa and Yaqui The Library of Congress
Kenneth Anquoe; Jack Anquoe; Nick Webster; Oscar Tahlo; Adam Kaulaity; Laura Tahlo; SAlly Kaulaity; Ronald Mook; Newt Scott; J. Gordon Thornton Flag Song; Trot Dance; Kiowa Gourd Dance; Buffalo Dance; War Dance Kiowa Ethnic Folkways Library

Native American music, primarily from the Pacific Northwest