In All Languages

The In All Languages department is devoted to bringing listeners of WKCR 89.9 music that is hard to find because of its language, culture, or place of origin. Knowing that we cannot broadcast all the music in the world, we strive instead to air original and distinctive shows. No music is too popular or too obscure for our attention as long as it has a story yet to be told. Through these stories, we hope to provide a way to listen to music made in languages and contexts different from our own.

By embracing many musical movements around the world, In All Languages can get out alternative versions of musical history, intriguing biographies, genre-blurring shows, and all kinds of rare recordings on commercial-free airwaves. We also interview and record artists making music today so that we can do our part to keep the music that we enjoy alive and growing.

We hope to serve New York City’s diverse local communities, first-time listeners, and long-time enthusiasts alike. If you tune in to our current schedule, you could catch Reggae, Hindustani, Celtic, Cumbia, Indie Rock, Non-Western Classical, Field Recordings, Experimental, Folk, Carnatic, Afrofunk, Film Hits, Ethio-Jazz, Chuigushou, Hip Hop, and more.