In All Languages playlist for 06/30/2014

Myriam Amri
Artist Title Album Label Link
Youssou Ndour 4-4-44, Pullo Ardo, Sama Gammu, Bajjan, Baay Faal, Sportif , Tukki, Lett Ma, Dabbax, Xel Rokku Mi Rokka
Cheikh Lo Conia, Jamm, Il N'est Jamais Trop Tard, Ularico Jamm
Royal Band de Thiès Cherrie Coco, Kouye Magana, Ma Koudou Deguene, Dagath, Doudhane, Mariama, Gossar, Korolober, Same Yaye Boye, Hommage a Mbaye Fall, Righie Righie Kadior Diembe
Orchestra Baobab Pape Ndiaye, Nijaay, Beni Baraale, Ami Kita Baay, Cabral Made in Dakar
Jali Kunda: Griots of West Africa and Beyond Allah L'aake, Mariama, Sunjata, Yata Kaya
Tom-Tom Arabesques: The Drums of Shell Island Njup: Young Boy's Dance, Wrestling Dance World Sounds: Senegal JVC World Sounds

An exploration of the music of Senegal with its popular singers such as Youssou Ndour and Cheikh Lo, its fusion jazz-traditional music scene with the Royal Band of Thies and Baobab Orchestra and finally it's musical heritage with the griots and the drums.