Tuesday's Just as Bad playlist for 07/03/2012

Diana Guyton
Artist Title Album Label Link
Elmore James Call It Stormy Monday
Fred McDowell Baby Please Don't Go I Do Not Play No Rock 'n Roll
Fred McDowell Write Me A Few of Your Lines Somebody Keeps Calling me
Fred McDowell and Johnny Woods Shake Em On Down Fred McDowell and Johnny Woods
Fred McDowell 61 Highway The First Recordings
Fred McDowell Keep Your Lamps Trimmed and Burning The First Recordings
Clifford Gibson Old Time Rider Beat You Doing It
Reverend Gary Davis Children of Zion The Legendary Gary Davis
John Lee Hooker It's My Own Fault House of the Blues
John Lee Hooker Leave My Life Alone House of the Blues

A half-hour show (due to preemption for the Louis Armstrong birthday broadcast), featuring:

- One set commemorating the 40th anniversary of Mississippi Fred McDowell's death
- One set comprised of favorites from fellow blues programmer (and former TJAB intern) David alongside alumni TJAB programmers Bina and Lura