Sounds of China playlist for 09/17/2011

David Su
Artist Title Album Label Link
Music from China Ensemble (Wang Guowei, Artistic Director) Cup of Happiness; Water Drum I+II; Dialogue in Presto; Song of Changsha Girl; Reflection of the Moon in the Erquan Pool; A Chain of Rings; The River Flows; Three Six; The Moon Rising High Classical and Folk Music of China The Metropolitan Museum of Art
Various Dongjing associations Lotuses; Dragon bell reverberations; Enjoying the palace flowers; Yi di shao; Delight of the celestial beings; Nanqing palace/Waves washing the sand; Convocational eulogy; Orioles/The general's command/Vanity table; Little red peach; River waters Donjing music: Where Confucian, Taoist, and Buddhist culture meet Pan Records