Sounds of China playlist for 08/23/2014

Chelsea Shieh
Artist Title Album Label Link
Orchid Ensemble Dancing Moon, Tune of Mulberry, Three Variations on Plum Blossom, Ay La Llamo, Life Death (Tears Dream), Al Kol Hama-asim, Wind Desires the Clouds, Hayot Hakodesh, Cocoon, Ghostly Moon Life Death Tears Dream
Dong Kun Sound Poem by the Seaside, The Sun Shines in Tash Kurghan, Golden Furnace Mantel, The Shepherd's Song, Serenade From a Fishing Boat, A Fisherman's Harvest, Nostalgia, Summer Night, Celebration of Abundant Harvest, The Morning of Miao Ridge Violin Voice of the Chinese Classics Snow Music
Shao Rong A Tropical Island, Eastward Journey, A Song of Lilies, Milky Way, Qingdao Breeze, Desert Flowers, Orchid, Dreaming, Early Spring, A Tropical Island (Reprise) Orchid II Pacific Moon