Sounds of China playlist for 08/16/2014

Marisa Liu
Artist Title Album Label Link
姜成濤 The Weeping Willow and the Green Hill; A Lovely Rose; How Can I Forget Her?; The Lantern Festival Celebration; The Path 姜成濤中國藝術民謠獨唱集 (The Chinese Folk Songs) Four Seas
Various Artists 尋牛; 見牛; 得牛; 牧牛 十牛圖 (Ten Aspects of a Buffalo) 萻普
張雅 漁舟晚唱; 小放牛; 青山萬裡; 拿破利之夜; 春耕曲; 大頭娃娃舞曲 漁舟晚唱: 張雅誥口琴獨奏 EMI Regal
Lim Fung Military Band Drill; Moonlight in Chin-Yan; To the Frontier Purple Chrysanthemum Is Growing Stereo
姜成濤 The Hatchman's Love Song; The Swallow; The Happy Farmer's Field; I'll Give the Flowers to You By Myself; A Beautiful Lady Caused Me to Fall in Love 姜成濤中國藝術民謠獨唱集 (The Chinese Folk Songs) Four Seas