Sounds of China playlist for 08/09/2014

Chelsea Shieh
Artist Title Album Label Link
Jiang Ting Dance of the Yi Tribe; Spring Rain; The Olive Tree; Three Years; Night of the Fire Festival; Jackdaw Playing in the Water; Spring in Tianshan; Dance MA Records
Jiang Ting Expressing One's Thoughts to the Moonlight; Tea Leaf Picking Dance; Reflection of Spring Flowers in the Moonlit Lake Dance MA Records
Liu Xing, Shen Fei Nothing to Do; Folk Song; Talking to Myself; Come Round; Fantastic Dreams; Hitting Snags; Carefree and Joyous; Follow My Heart; Impromptu; Take it Easy; Moonlight; Long Time Ahead; Linger on; Absent-minded Talking To Myself Hugo Production