Sounds of China playlist for 06/16/2012

Ahmet Ali Arslan
Artist Title Album Label Link
Wu Wen 'Guang Yang Guang San Die; Liu Shui; Guang Lin San; Qiao Ge; Yu Ge; Jie Shi Diao-You Lan Music Of The Qin JVC
Louis Chen Plays Zheng Solos Ci of Autumn Wind; Old Drunken Man Dance; Waves Wash Sand; Hibiscus of Autumn; The Autumn Moon over the Han Palace; A Hungy Horse is Shaking Its Bell; Sorrow of Lady Zhao-jun; Lady Liu Qing Niang; Moon of the Mid-Autumn; Jackdaws Gambolling in Water Louis Chen Hugo
previous album continued High Mountain and Flowing Water; Moonlit River in Spring; Flowing Water; Memories of an Old Friend; Evening Song of the Drunken Fisherman previous album continued previous album continued

Solo Qin and Zheng.