Sounds of China playlist for 06/07/2014

Chelsea Shieh
Artist Title Album Label Link
齐豫 (Qi Yu) 春天的故事, 橄榄树, 欢颜, 走在雨中, 答案, 有一个人, 雨丝, 七点钟, 九月的高跟鞋, 有没有这种说法, 如果真的不要, 船歌 Chyi's Voice Biography 1978-1990 Rock Records (HK)
刘星 (Liu Xing), 沈非 (Shen Fei) Nothing To Do, Folk Song, Talking to Myself, Come Round, Fantastic Dreams, Hitting Snags, Carefree and Joyous Talking To Myself Hugo Production
崔健 (Cui Jian) Rock 'N' Roll on the New Long March (新长征路上的摇滚), No More Disguises (不再掩饰), Let Me Sleep (让我睡个好觉), Greenhouse Girl (花房姑娘), Fake Monk (假行僧), Do It All Over Again (从头再来), Stepping Out (出走), Nothing to My Name (一无所有), It's Not That I Don't Understand (不是我不明白) Rock 'n' Roll on the New Long March (新长征路上的摇滚) Jingwen Records