Sounds of China playlist for 03/19/2011

David Su
Artist Title Album Label Link
Tan Dun (谭盾) Song of Peace (Prelude); Heaven; Dragon Dance; Phoenix; Jubilation; Opera in Temple Street with Bianzhong; Earth (Yi3); Water; Fire; Metal; Mankind; Lullaby; Song of Peace Symphony 1997: Heaven, Earth, Mankind Sony
Louis Chen (陈蕾士) 秋风词;酒翁操;浪淘沙;秋芙蓉;汉宫秋月;饿马摇铃;昭君怨;柳青娘;中秋月;寒鸦戏水;高山流水;春江花月夜;流水;忆故人;醉渔唱晚 The Art of Zheng Music (筝的世界系列) Hugo Productions (HK)

This morning's broadcast features a mix of both contemporary and traditional sounds