Saturday Night at the Opera playlist for 11/17/2012

Alessandro Garinois
Artist Title Album Label Link
Strauss, Johann A Gala Performance of Die Fledermaus Herbert von Karajan (conducting), Hilde Gueden (Rosalinde), Erika Köth(Adele), Regina Resnik(Prince Orlofsky), Giuseppe Zampieri(Alfred), Waldemar Kmentt(Gabriel von Einstein), Walter Berry(Falke), Eberhard Wächter(Frank), Erich Kunz(Frosch) OS.25223
Messager, André Monsieur Beaucaire Michel Dens (Beaucaire), René Lénoty (Molyneux) DTXPM 30131

An operatic night in all languages! A Fledermaus spiced with some 20th Century musical numbers! A Monsieur Beaucaire well articulated by French singers! Oh what a night of follie...