Saturday Night at the Opera playlist for 07/26/2014

Chason Goldfinger
Artist Title Album Label Link
Stravinsky, Igor Oedipus Rex John Alldis Choir, London Philharmonic Orchestra; Sir Georg Solti, conductor London
Enescu, George Oedipe Orfeon Donostiarra; Orchestre Philharmonique de Monte-Carlo; Lawrence Foster, conductor EMI

The tragic Greek tale of King Oedipus, as retold by two composers on Saturday Night at the Opera. First, Igor Stravinsky's opera-oratorio Oedipus Rex, then George Enescu's masterpiece 4-act Oedipe.The cast of Oedipus Rex: Peter Pears as Oedipus, Kerstin Meyer as Jocasta, Donald McIntyre as Creon, Stafford Dean as Tiresias, Ryland Davies as The Shepherd, Benjamin Luxon as The Messenger, Alec McCowen as the Narrator. The cast of Oedipe: José van Dam as Oedipus, Gabriel Bacquier as Tiresias, Marcel Vanaud as Creon, Nicolaï Gedda as The Shepherd, Cornelius Hauptmann as The High Priest, Laurence Albert as Phorbas, Jean-Philippe Courtis as The Watchman, Gino Quilico as Theseus, John Aler as Laius, Brigitte Fassbaender as Jocasta, Marjana Lipovsek as the Sphinx, Barbara Hendricks as Antigone, Jocelyne Taillon as Mérope, Isabelle Vernet as a Thebian woman