Offbeat playlist for 08/17/2012

Kevin "(the) Magu...
Artist Title Album Label Link
Dr. Octagon I Got to Tell Ya; Dr. Octagon; Girl Let Me Touch You Dr. Octagonecolegyst
The Pharcyde 4 Better Or For Worse; Otha Fish Bizarre Ride II
Tuamie Era-Yop
tropes walk it out walk it out
tropes au14 au14
vhvl x Simon SMTHNG flln
Knxwledge fades[TWRK] koapastetik.LP.
Sha Stimuli Daily Word (prod. Agor) The New Me: Sherod Khaalis
Greg Grease Basement Soul (prod. Alejandro P. & Bobby Raps) Cornbread Coming
AshTreJinkins GodComplex
BrokenTeaLeafs simple love
Captain Murphy Shake Weight (TNGHT version) Duality
Ta-Ku Sweat Like Keith RE TWERK
Moruf & Iman Omari The Path Euphoria (The TAPE)
Ben Jamin" Runnin' Past
Broke/ No Holds Barred
DJ Mitsu the Beats M.o.o.d. for Otis feat. Medaphoar [Re-New Awakening] Part .02
Madlib Sir Bounce (Bounce); Offbeat (Groove) Beat Konducta Vol. 1-2: The Movie Scene
Josh Hey Mix for WKCR
Swarvy Mix for WKCR
Madlib Doom - Rock Co.Kane Flow; Q-Tip - For The Nasty Medicine Show No. 12: Raw Medicine - Madlib Remixes
Nvthlss Sthing; Aux confins de ep6
Contact Lens SMCSH Ice In Tha Veins
Kool A.D. Al Green [prod. by Kool A.D. and Daniel Lynas] 51
Ab-Soul Nibiru [prod. by JMSN]
Ufmo Soulful Joint
[remix] de la soul - itzsoweezee (10.4 remix)
Joey Purp Carlo [prod. Mndsgn] The Purple Tape
Topaz Jones & Stan Ros$ Free Soul 106 Miles to Chicago
Thelonious Charizard featuring Topaz Jones and Mars [Super]
Lacuna Manti Canopus The Radiant
Flying Lotus Riot; GNG BNG Los Angeles
Jomac Sci-Fi Ways PerspectiveInAudio
Akin Yai Blow Nomadic
YoAstrum Unorthodox Zone of the Ender
Dexter Fizz x AstroLogic x Pandana Stoop K!d (C&S) The Stoop Kid EP
Pyramid Vritra Svetlana Pyramid
Boards of Canada Roygbiv; Turquoise Hexagon Sun Music Has the Right to Children
Martin $ky Forest Fires
Xuice Hades Cold Game, Nephew S T E A L T H
Das Racist ft. Lakutis amazing (prod. by keepaway) Sit Down, Man
J Dilla Airworks; Last Donut of the Night Donuts