Offbeat playlist for 08/01/2014

Thuto Durkac Somo
Artist Title Album Label Link
Aksua .highway/:\. Falwai Summerset
rxn affinity
deadxbeat Vino /&\ Chillz
Aksua ahhub castle Falwai Summerset
Shabazz Palaces Forerunner Foray; They Come in Gold; …down 155th in the MCM Snorkel Lese Majesty
y a s h a Tear The Pupa Numenon Compilation 001
SIMARA & YASHA FAKE(FAKE) hologram summer
Mos Def Quiet Dog The Ecstatic
The Internet Ode To A Dream (featuring Kilo Kish & Coco O.) Purple Naked Ladies
Color Plus CPU FLower Numenon Compilation 001
University Sound Shot Caller Numenon Compilation 001
brrd medex.wav; 6.wav brrdVEVO
The Alchemist The Realest Gangsta Theme Music
wun two african skhits (side2) african skhits
Modlee & Vlooper Doo Sunwalk EP
Jay Dee Shake It Down Welcome 2 Detroit
Death Grips Black Quarterback; Say Hey Kid niggas on the moon
Pyramid Vritra 224 ft. Huey Briss; Black Belts ft. Pyramid Quince; Retrograde Palace
ETHEREAL Oozaru; Cold f. Pyramid Quince, Yung Dfrank and Lazy Mane Heat Death
Alaclair Ensemble With YesMcCan; SAiNt-LawRencE AMERICA
Samiyam Pandas Wish You Were Here
SpaceGhostPurrp IntoXXXicated BMW 2: Intoxxxicated
Swarvy H a l l s EX$EX$EX$O
Swarvy angel a n g e l
Swarvy 1MoGin Sport
Mndsgn Golf Shirt ROAD KILL Vol. 1
kirvy gOn[no-Tip]; kanyeys[prt] EspEak
Jo Def TookItThurr Steps
Grav City To City
N.O.M.A.D Sun God Cosmic Compositions Avant Gard Series Vol.3[Sun Ra]
Dexter Piano Hi-Hat Club, Vol. 3: The Jazz Files
SIMARA & YASHA this is my environment; JXTRUOL (all roads lead to romans?) hologram summer
Kid Capri Follow Me feat. Buckshot & Cocoa Brovaz

1-3 AM