Morning Ragas playlist for 03/25/2012

Artist Title Album Label Link
Bombay Jayashree Krishna nee begane baro Radha Madhavan The Indian Record MFG
Kavalam Shrikumar (male voice) Gayatri (Female voice) Atmopadesa Satakam
Jamyang Sakya White Tara Mantra, 100 Syllable Mantra Tara Mantras Dharmapala Records

This show featured a musical rendition of a major piece of Malayalam poetry written by Narayana Guru: the Atmopadesa Satakam.

The text was written in 1897. The show featured a modern rendition based on the meter of the poem. A Translation of the Atmopadesa Satakam is available here:

or here:

The CD is available for sale only in Kerala. But the portion of the show that features the Atmopadesa Satakam is available online at: