Morning Ragas playlist for 02/12/2012

Lakshmi "Salty Do...
Artist Title Album Label Link
Shahid Parvez Raga Bhairav Music Today Present Shahid Parvez Times
Shahid Parvez Raga Bilaskhani Todi Raaga Bhilaskhani Todi Spectrum
Imrat Ali Khan Raga BhilasKhani Todi, Raag Miyan ki Todi Imrat Ali Khan Sitar/Surbahar Nimbus
Ravi Shankar and Bud Shank Improvistions on themes from Pathar Panchali Improvisations

Showcased sitar music in morning ragas and ended the show with an improv piece by Ravi Shankar, featuring Bud Shank on the flute from the movie Pathar Panchali, (one of three films in the Apu Trilogy) by acclaimed director Satyajit Rai - which is iconically noted for the scene where Apu is being woken up. , the central protagonist, is being woken up.