The Moonshine Show playlist for 07/03/2011

Malcolm Culleton
Artist Title Album Label Link
Jim and Jesse Colorado Calling Me The Greatest Stars of Bluegrass Music CMH
Heights of Grass Carry Me Back to Old Virginny The Greatest Stars of Bluegrass Music CMH
Red Allen and the Kentuckians Down WHere the River Bends Keep On Going
Jim Cowan I Am Home A Celebration of the American Farm
Tim O'Brien This Old Plow A Celebration of the American Farm
Grayson and Whitter On The Banks of the Old Tennessee The Recordings of Grayson and Whitter
The Red Fox Chasers Something Wrong with My Gal; Can I Sleep in Your Barn Tonight Mister? I'm Going Down to North Carolina
The Osborne Brothers Wrap My Body in Old Glory When I Go Dayton to Knoxville
Tom T. Hall I'm a Coal Mining Man; A Hero in Harlan Sings Miss Dixie and Tom T.
The Osborne Brothers There's a Star Spangled Banner Waving Somewhere Hyden
William and Versey Smith Everybody Help the Boys Come Home Bloody War--Songs: 1924-1939
The Osborne Brothers Grandpaw's Radio Hyden
Daly and Vincent Sweet Carrie Bluegrass #1 Hits
Hazel Dickens The Rebel Girl Classic Bluegrass on Folkways Smithsonian Folkways
Hazel Dickens A Few Old Memories; Will Jesus Wash the Blood from Your Hands?; California Cottonfields It's Hard to Tell the SInger From the Song
Peter Rowan and the Hot Pickers Hobo Song (Self-Titled)
Larry Sparks Richmond County Special Delivery
Bill Harrell and the Virginians Arkansas, You Set My Heart Aglow A Song for Everyone
The Hackensaw Boys Baltimore Look Out!
New Tradition Grandma's Garden Stand and Be Counted
The Grascals Home Long List of Heartaches
Del McCoury Prisoner's Song; You're a Flower in the Wildwood I WOnder WHere You Are Tonight
Rice, Rice, Hillman and Pedersen San Antone; The Mystery that Won't Go Away Running Wild
Red Allen and the Kentuckians Purple Heart Keep On Going
Harley Allen-Mike Lilly Band Suzanne Classic Bluegrass on Folkways
The Nashville Grass I Heard My Mother Call My Name in Prayer Classic Bluegrass on Folkways
Tom T. Hall Taking the Back Roads Home
The Stonemans Blue Ridge Mountain Blues The Greatest Stars of Bluegrass Music CMH
Mac Wiseman Ida Red The Greatest Stars of Bluegrass Music CMH
James King Roll On Rubber WHeels For the Long Haul

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