The Moonshine Show playlist for 01/13/2013

Katrina Kostro
Artist Title Album Label Link
John Hartford Dusty Miller Hornpipe and the Fugue in a Major for Strings, Brass and 5-string Banjo John Hartford (1969) : Side 1 RCA
I've Heard that Tearstained Monologue you do there by the Door Before You Go
The Collector
A Short Sentimental Interlude
Mr. Jackson's Got Nothing to Do
Open Road Ode
Little Piece in D
John Hartford Howard Hughes' Blues Morning Bugle Rounder Records
All Fall Down
On the Road
Morning Bugle
Old Joe Clark
John Hartford Natural to be Gone; Up on the Hill Catalogue Flying Fish
John Hartford Living in the Mississippi Valley Annual Waltz Dot
John Hartford Kentucky Pool; Headin' Down into the Mystery Below Headin' Down into the Mystery Below Flying Fish
John Hartford Gentle on my Mind John Hartford (1969) : Side 2 RCA
Jordan Shapiro, Jonah Bruno, Alex Harvey LIVE SET in the WKCR Studio

Bluegrass makes the heart grow fonder...
Especially when it's John HARTford's bluegrass on-air!