The Moonshine Show playlist for 01/09/2011

Katrina Kostro
Artist Title Album Label Link
John Hartford Hamilton Ironworks Hamilton Ironworks
John Hartford Hi Dad In the Morning Hamilton Ironworks
John Hartford Woodchopper's Breakdown Hamilton Ironworks
John Hartford Devil's Hornpipe Hamilton Ironworks
Mike Compton and David Long How You Want it Done? Stomp
Mike Compton and David Long January Nightmare Stomp
Mike Compton and avid Long Prison Blues Stomp
Mike Compton and David Long Stomp Stomp
John Hartford Morning Bugle Morning Bugle
John Hartford Old Joe Clark Morning Bugle
John Hartford Late Last Night When my Willie Came Home Morning Bugle
John Hartford Got No Place to Go Morning Bugle
John Hartford I'm Still Here Gum Tree Canoe
John Hartford Jug Harris Gum Tree Canoe
John Hartford Your Long Journey Gum Tree Canoe
John Hartford Little Piece of my Heart (6) 3 Gum Tree Canoe
Jerry Douglas When Papa Played the Dobro Slide Hill
The Original Aeroplane Band Where the Old Red River Flows The Steam-Powered Aereo-Takes
The Original Aeroplane Ruff and Ready The Steam-Powered Aero-Takes
The Original Aeroplane Oasis The Steam-Powered Aero-Takes

Programmed by Katrina Kostro. This was a show dedicated to John Hartford, with in-studio live music from The Steam-Powered Water Taxi Boys.