Hobo's Lullaby playlist for 10/15/2011

Rachel Meirs
Artist Title Album Label Link
Magpie Working Girl Blues, The Jute Mill Song Working My Life Way Collector Records
Jean Ritchie Sugar on the Floor, Old George's Square, Here Sits a Young Lady High Hills and Mountains Greenhays Recordings
Vera Ward Hall Travelin' Shoes Crossroads: Southern Roads
Sister Fleeta Mitchell and Willie Mae Eberhard Satan, Your Kingdom Must Come Down The Art of Field Recording
Bernice Reagan Matriarch Blues The Sound of Thunder Kintel Corporation
Bernice Reagan I Am A Lady River of Life
Aunt Molly Jackson Hard Times in Coleman's Mines, Lonesome Jailhouse Blues, I Love Coal Miners, I Do Library of Congress Recording Rounder Records 1002
Come All You Coal Miners Hazel Dickens Cold Blooded Murder, Mannington Mine Disaster Rounder Record 4005
Come All You Coal Miners Sarah Gunning Come All You Coal Miners, That 25 cents Rounder Record 4005
Hazel Dickens They'll Never Keep us Down, Coal Mining Women They'll Never Keep Us Down : Women's Coal Mining Songs Rounder Records

Songs about women, written by women, sung by women!

This show was cut short by the football game but will be continued next week at 2pm! Tune in again!