Hobo's Lullaby playlist for 06/28/2014

Erica Getto
Artist Title Album Label Link
The Carter Family Lonesome Pine Special; The School House on the Hill; Home in Tennessee; You're Gonna Be Sorry You Let Me Down; When The Roses Come Again; Home By the Sea Lonesome Pine Special
The Carter Family Cyclone of Rye Cove; Why There's a Tear In My Eye; Goin' Back to Texas; Diamonds in the Rough; Del Rio; Broken Down Tramp; Just a Few More Days; Soldier's Sweetheart; Bonnie Blue Eyes; What Would You Give In Exchange For Your Love; Keep On The Sunny Side The Carter Family On Border Radio
The Carter Family Jealous Hearted Me; No Name Instrumental / What Would You Give In Exchange; Lovers Lane; Single - Married Girl; Look How This World Has Made A Change; March Winds Gonna Blow My Blues All Away; When This Evening Sun Goes Down The Carter Family In Texas (Vol. 6)
The Carter Family I Wonder How The Old Folks Are At Home; Answer To Weeping Willow The Carter Family In Texas (Vol. 6)
The Carter Family The Storms Are On The Ocean' It'll Aggravate Your Soul; Stinking In The Lonesome Sea; Can The Circle Be Unbroken; Kissing Is A Crime; East Virginia Blues No. 2; My Texas Girl Country & Western Classics - The Carter Family
The Carter Family You Denied Your Love; Sinking In The Lonesome Sea; Homestead On The Farm; Just Another Broken Heart; Frankie & Johnnie; I Want To Be Loved; No Telephone In Heaven; Nobody's Darling; Happiest Days Of All; Cyclone of Rycove The Carter Family In Texas (Vol. 2)

The Carter Family canon.