Hobo's Lullaby playlist for 02/11/2012

Malcolm Culleton
Artist Title Album Label Link
Goebel Reeves Hobo's Lullaby The Texas Drifter
Captain Appleblossom Time Table Blue
Leadbelly Rock Island Line Leadbelly's Last Sessions
Son House Hobo
Cephas and Wiggins Railroad Bill
Pete Seeger Jay Gould's Daughter
Utah Phillips Sheep and Goats/The Timberbeast's Lament All Used Up: a Scrapbook Philo
Harry McClintock Hallelujah! I'm a Bum The Great American Bum
Cisco Houston Tramp Tramp Tramp Don't Mourn, Organize! Songs of Labor Leader Joe Hill Smithsonian Folkways
Harry McClintock The Bum Song; Hobo Spring Song The Great American Bum
Woody Guthrie Hard Travellin' The Asch Recordings, vol 3 Smithsonian Folkways
Odetta The Great Historical Bum
Harry McClintock The Bum Song #2 The Great American Bum
Goebel Reeves The Texas Drifter's Warning; The Hobo's Last Long Ride The Texas Drifter
Harry McClintock The Big Rock Candy Mountain The Great American Bum
Goebel Reeves The Oklahoma Kid; The Hobo Convention The Texas Drifter
John Arnold The Hobo's Meditation
Fields and Wade Ward Hobo John
The Carter Family Western Hobo
Old and in the Way The Hobo Song
The Perfect Strangers Homeless Joe
Utah Phillips I Remember Loving You All Used Up: A Scrapbook Philo
Bruce Brackney Hood River, Roll On
Utah Phillips Scott's Creek Bluff All Used Up: a Scrapbook Philo
Dan Schatz Queen of the Rails
Magpie Brocero Working My Life Away
Utah Phillips Room For the Poor All Used Up: a Scrapbook Philo

Songs by and about hobos.