The Early Music Show playlist for 08/16/2013

Stepan Atamian
Artist Title Album Label Link
Oor Es Mayr Eem Ararat CreateSpace
15 Choral Pieces Armenian Altar: Choir of St. Geghard Monastery15 Choral Pieces
Mashtots, Mesrob 2 Songs Music of Armenia, Vol. 2: Sharakan Celestial Harmonies
Naregatsi, Grigor 6 Songs Grigor Naregatsi: Sacred Songs Naregatsi Art Institute
9 Songs Joyous Light CBS Records

The first of a several installment feature on Armenian music, this program took a look at Armenian sacred music.

  1. Ararat-Isabel Bayrakdarian (soprano).
  2. "Armenian Altar: Choir of St. Geghard Monastery" Selections. Unfortunately, complete information about the recording (such as its label and its availability) is not available at this point, but keep on checking this page for updates or email for any questions about it. It is a 2005 recording that was produced in Finland, although the CD was actually recorded in St. Geghard Monastery in Armenia. The played pieces were: Bless, Praise; O Mystery Deep; Those who Devoted Themselves; O Light, Creator of Light; This Day Rejoice; The Baptismal Pool Was Founded This Day; Amen. Holy is the Father; Preventing Jonah; Chosen of God; Good martyr; Holy, Holy; Christ is Sacrificed; Our Lady; Who is Like Unto the Lord Our God; O Mystery Deep.
  3. "Music of Armenia, Vol. 2: Sharakan" Selections-Anna Mayilyan (soprano); Sharakan Early Music Ensemble. Two songs: Bazoum yen ko gtoutyunk; Voghormya ints Astvadz.
  4. Grigor Naregatsi: Sacred Songs Selections: Anna Mayilyan (mezzo-soprano). 6 Songs: The Cart Was Descended; The Bird; Accept With Sweetness; The Precious Rose; I Tell About The Voice of The Lion The Powerful Voice; The Eyes Like A Sea. 
  5. Joyous Light-Isabel Bayrakdarian (soprano); Elmer Iseler Singers & Chamber Orchestra; Raffi Armenian (conductor). 8 songs: Oor Es Mayr Eem; Khorhoort Khoreen; Soorp Asdvadz; Underyalet Hadoodzo; Looys Zuvart;  Der, Voghormya; Havoon, Havoon; Deroonagan aghotk.