Bach Hour playlist for 06/25/2010

Valla Fatemi
Artist Title Album Label Link
Bach, J.S. French Suite No. 5, BWV 816 Fernando Valenti (harpsichord) LP, Westminster, W9301
Bach, J.S. selections from the Little Organ Book E. Power Biggs (organ) LP, Columbia, KSL-227
Bach, J.S. French Suite No. 3, BWV 814 Thurston Dart (clavichord) LP, L'oiseau-Lyre, SOL 60039
Bach, J.S. Sonata for violin and harpsichord No 1, BWV 1014 Giuliano Carmignola (violin), Andrea Marcon (harpsichord) CD, Sony, S2k 89469
Bach, J.S. Well-Tempered Clavier, Book 2, No. 14 F# minor Joao Carlos Martins (piano) LP, Connoisseur Society, CSM 8657