Art Waves playlist for 07/22/2011

At Hand, episode one
Today we listened to a recording of "At Hand" from the artist Adrian Williams (b. 1979 in Baltimore). To find out more about the artist and her work, you can visit her page on the VOGES + PARTNER GALLERY website: It was recorded December 11, 2010 at the Museum für Moderne Kunst in Frankfurt am Main. From NEWFRANKFURTINTERNATIONALS.DE : "Adrian Williams’s works tell stories in the form of performances, sound pieces, interventions, films, objects, and works on paper. She invents fictional characters and embeds these partly into real settings. Her performances combine films, texts, language, noises, music, and sound. She sets the short story At Hand to music in collaboration and interaction with a composer, musicians, a noise-maker that imitates sounds with the help of objects and constructions, and an actor. The piece portrays the suspenseful story of a fictional protagonist whose luggage goes missing at Frankfurt Airport and his search and attempt to get his suitcase back. The title At Hand alludes to something that is about to happen or is just taking place, like the performance itself or the events told therein, which describe these moments just the incidents occur. While Williams tells the story, the musicians and the sound editor react by creating sounds, thus heightening the sense of drama. At Hand is based on the transcription of a six-part series Adrian Williams conceived, narrated, and performed in one-hour radio broadcasts over a six-month period this year. At Hand is the first part of this series." Many thanks to Voges + Partner Gallery.