Amazing Grace playlist for 06/22/2014

Jack Klempay
Artist Title Album Label Link
Amazing Farmer Singers of Chicago I Got a Telephone in My Bosom Fire in My Bones Tompkins Square
Sons of Faith Since I've Been Born I Heard the Angels Singing Tompkins Square
Isaiah Shelton The Liar Goodbye Babylon Dust to Digital
Bessie Johnson No Room in the Hotel Memphis Gospel Document
Ernest Phipps If the Light Has Gone Out in Your Soul God Give Me Light Herwin
Nugrape Twins I Got Your Ice Cold Nugrape Singers and Saints Document
Elder Lightfoot Solomon Happy Am I Too Late Too Late vol. 6 Document
Lonnie McIntorsh Arise and Shine Memphis Gospel Document
Laura Henton Heavenly Sunshine Gospel Classics 1927-31 Document
Reverend F.W. McGee Fifty Miles of Elbow Room Anthology of American Folk Music
Furry Lewis When the Saints Go Marchin' In Fourth and Beale
Henry Thomas Jonah in the Wilderness Henry Thomas Document
Georgia Jean Eversole Scarlet Purple Robe The Art of Field Recording Dust to Digital
Blind Mamie Forehand Honey in the Rock Goodbye Babylon Dust to Digital
Washington Phillips The Key to the Kingdom
Elder Curry Memphis Flu Goodbye Babylon Dust to Digital
Elder Otis James O Lord, I'm Your Child Goodbye Babylon Dust to Digital
Reverend Johnnie Blakey King of Kings Goodbye Babylon Dust to Digital
Reverend Utah Smith Two Wings I Got Two Wings CaseQuarter
Reverend A. Johnson God Don't Like It Document Shortcuts vol. 1 Document
Blind Joe Taggart Just Beyond Jordan Blind Joe Taggart vol. 1 Document
Reverend Edward W. Clayborn Death Is Only a Dream Rev. Edward W. Clayborn 1926-28 Document
Reverend Lonnie Farris Golden Street Document Shortcuts: If You Take Me Back Document
Bascam Lamar Lunford Dry Bones Goodbye Babylon Dust to Digital
Homer Quincy Smith I Want Jesus To Talk With Me Gospel Classics vol. 3 Document
Spiritual Harmonizers God's Love Good God! Apocryphal Hymns Numero
Memphis Sanctified Singers He Got Better Things for You Memphis Gospel Document
Reverend Gary Davis I Belong to the Band Harlem Street Singer
Travelin' Echoes Looking for a Better Place to Live I Heard the Angels Singing Tompkins Square
Theotis Taylor Swing Low Fire in My Bones Document
Reverend Linston Triplett Jr. Jesus Is Living Today This May Be My Last Time Singing Tompkins Square

Early gospel music.