Afternoon Classical playlist for 06/08/2012

Stephan S. Dalal
Artist Title Album Label Link
Louis Lortie Piano Sonata in b-minor, S178 Liszt: Piano Sonata in B minor | Three Concert Studies Franz Liszt
S. Richter Piano Sonata in B-flat Major, op.22 Richter in Hungry Ludvig Van Beethoven
Alfred Brendel Piano Concerto in E-flat Major, K.271 Mozart Piano Concerto W.A. Mozart
Colin Carr Cello Suite no.2 Solo Cello Suites J.S. Bach
Glenn Gould (piano) Piano Sonata K. 331, in A major Gould Mozart Sonatas (Record Release) W.A. Mozart
Maya Homburger (Violin) & Malcolm Proud (Harpsichord) Sonata no. 5 in f-minor, BWV 1018 Sonatas for Violin and Harpsichord J.S. Bach
Wilhelm Kempff French Suite no. 5, BWV 816 Kempff Plays Bach J.S. Bach

This week brings us another exciting show. With the opening performance of Franz Liszt famous b-minor piano sonata, performed by pianist Louis Lortie. We'll take a listen to Alfred Brednel's recording on Mozart's piano concert in E-flat Major, K.271, as well as a rare record featuring the recordings Mozart's piano sonata's featuring pianist Glenn Gould. This performance will be featured during the start of the 5'o clock hour. While this is playing interlopes with the Bach portion of the program, Gould's playing of this sonata is as important to our contemporary understanding of Bach from the scholar of his work exhibiting his distastes for Mozart through, what is a dimensional landscape of peculiar rhythm and tempo considerations Gould could only have put-fourth outside his Bach repertories. We conclude the Afternoon Classical program with selected pieces from the master of classical music, J.S. Bach. Join us again next week, as we'll be bringing some exciting music scholars, artists and composers from Manhattan into the WKCR studio to explore the inspiring facets of classical music, live on WKCR. As always, it is my pleasure. Stephan Dalal.