The African Show playlist for 10/17/2013

Artist Title Album Label Link
Ali Farka Toure Laleiche
Nuru Kane Goree
Ali Farka Toure Laisse Les Phases
Ayalew Mesfin & Black Lion Band Feger Aydelem Wey
Wasis Diop Di Na Wo
Jayme Stone & Mausa Sissoko Chinquapin Hunting
Abou Whyte & Nat Awonor Music Therapy
Sabannoh International Romulus Sylvah
Sokolie & Ramazani My Lovely Salone
Magic System Premier Gaou
Ali Farka Toure La Drogue
Etran Finatawa Iriarer
Salute To Highlife Pioneers It is Time for Highlife
Jedu Blay Ambuley Love Adure
Salute To Highlife Pioneers Omo Pupa
Salute To Highlife Pioneers Bere Bote
VIP (Ghana) Obroni Weewu