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Auditing Progress Towards the Degree

Columbia College and Columbia Engineering students are able to log into Student Services Online (SSOL) to review their Degree Audit Report (DAR), which can be used to monitor progress toward the degree and can also serve as a tool when discussing and choosing courses during advising sessions.

Major Selection

Depending on whether your student is a Columbia College or Columbia Engineering student will directly impact their coursework and scheduling. Your student should make sure to research and plan ways to reach academic goals and schedule a time to discuss these goals with their advisers.

Room Selection

Now that your student has been on campus for a year and has had more time to explore other residence halls, encourage them to check out their housing options, from living with a group in a suite to living alone to living with a roommate in a corridor-style room.

Student Organizations

After completing a full academic year and taking the time to adjust to life at Columbia, your student may want to get more involved with organizations on campus to connect with others who share their similar passions, skills, identities, and cultures. It’s important for your student to find a balance between time for classes and time for building positive relationships with their peers.


Student Financial Services supports the Columbia community with tuition rates and fees information, billing and payments, and more.
We encourage you to review the payment schedule for the academic year with your student. This schedule is updated each year in the summer.

Financial Aid and Educational Financing

Financial Aid and Educational Financing is here to work with your family in developing a plan to pay for college and to help students achieve the goal of attending Columbia University.

Student and Family Support


Alfred Lerner Hall, 6th Floor

Call: 212-854-2446