Fellowships & Research

Columbia undergraduates looking to explore and apply for internal, national and international fellowships and research opportunities are encouraged to work with advisers from Undergraduate Research and Fellowships.

When applying for prestigious and highly competitive fellowships, it is important to articulate and represent oneself to the fullest extent. To learn more about funded summer and postgraduate opportunities available to them, students are invited to attend meetings featuring renowned foundations and universities from around the world. After narrowing down their choices, students participate in workshops hosted by Undergraduate Research and Fellowships that are designed to help them develop their most compelling application possible.
Additional support provided by Undergraduate Research and Fellowships includes connecting students with faculty members and other experts in their choice of research, as well as providing feedback on research proposals. Last but not least — as most applications require an interview process — students may reach out to advisers in Undergraduate Research and Fellowships to build confidence by participating in mock interviews.

Student and Family Support


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