WKCR available on HD radio

As of 2012, WKCR is broadcasting in the radio format called HD— the expanded radio technology once known as Hybrid Digital. While we will continue analog broadcasts at 89.9 FM, and internet streaming of our signal, we will offer the same programming in a high-quality, static-free, digital version, accessible through HD radios and apps. The upgrade has been made possible through assistance with radio station WWFM, which will transmit a full schedule of classical music programs on “sister” station, 89.9 HD2. Click “read more” to see FAQs about HD Is HD replacing your regular broadcasts? Do I need to purchase a different radio to listen to WKCR? You can still listen to WKCR exactly as you have—on your FM radio or online; however, to hear the improved HD signal, you will need an HD radio. You can also find accessories for iPods, portable HD radio players, or apps for iPhones that turn those devices into HD radio receivers. Click here for a buyer’s guide to HD radios, accessories, and apps. What’s the advantage of HD? HD broadcasts our signal with greater clarity. Our HD transmitter sends a digital signal, along with our analog signal. An HD signal is immune to reception interference. Free of the static that you may hear on FM, an HD signal will sound as clear as CD. Click here to learn more about HD features in general. Isn’t that the same as Satellite Radio? No. HD radio is still a local broadcast, coterminous with the broadcast radius of local FM stations. The generic programming you hear on satellite radio is designed for worldwide consumption and dispersed from a satellite. After I buy an HD radio, do I need to pay a subscription fee? No. Unlike satellite radio, HD is free. How can WKCR and WWFM be on the same HD radio frequency? HD Radio allows for sending simultaneously completely different levels of broadcasting. With your HD tuner, you can choose to listen to WKCR on HD1 or WWFM on HD2.