This Week in Arts

Korean-Japanese actress and producer Kiki Sugino is coming to the KCR studios this Friday, to discuss her upcoming film MAGIC AND LOSS, a strange and mesmerizing story of two women's time on a tropical island off the coast of Hong Kong. With its eerie, uncanny atmosphere, this film explores ideas of memory, loss, and the ambiguity of identity.

The interview with Kiki Sugino will be hosted by Xueli Wang, and air on Friday's Art Waves 9pm-10pm

MAGIC AND LOSS is having its US premiere as a part of the Korean American Film Festival, taking place on JUNE 5-10 at the Anthology Film Archives. Kiki Sugino is the first actress in Japan to come out for her Korean heritage and she has been very active as both producer and actress, having starred in “One Shining Day” directed by Kim Sung-ho, followed by “Time”, directed by Kim Ki-duk, and produced and starred in last year's international hit HOSPITALITE. MAGIC AND LOSS is an impressive international Asian co-production (Japan/Korea/Malaysia/Hong Kong/France/USA/China) starring Kiki Sugino as well as Korean indie writer/director/actor Yang-Ik June (*Breathless*), award-winning Korean actress Kim Kkobbi (*Breathless*) and directed by Malaysian-Chinese filmmaker Lim Kah-Wai.

MAGIC AND LOSS will be playing as part of KAFFNY's opening night double feature on: Tuesday, June 5 at 9:00pm & Saturday, June 9 at 3:00pm at Anthology Film Archives

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