Tonight on Offbeat: Still Weavens, Dil Withers, Uplift & Eclectic Emcee

In anticipation of WKCR's concert at Shea Stadium on September 8th, we will have several of the performing artists in studio. Last week we presented mixes from Swarvy, and Josh Hey. This week, Still Weavens will start off the show with a live set! Still Weavens is active as a producer in New York, and has supported the hip-hop show of WKCR. We're glad to have him on air to share and discuss music. Stay tuned later in the show when we will also have live mixes from Dil Withers and Uplift, two members of Dirty Tapes--a cassette imprint which has supported many underground beat artists. Supporting the evening with rhymes, Eclectic Emcee will be at the station to discuss his upcoming projects. A fantastic four hours, heavy with live beats, and friends of the station, it all begins at 1 a.m.