Tonight on Live Constructions: SICKNESS

SICKNESS, started in or about 1988 as the harsh electronic project of Chris Goudreau. Now in its 25th year, it began as straight-forward, full blast, harsh electronic purity; SICKNESS was a contrast and collection of harsh noise filled with quick cuts between sources, hard rapid fire loops, sheet metal crash and harsh electronics/feedback. SICKNESS has always developed and changed to accomodate new ideas, new equipment, focus and intent. Currently using a modular synth and laptop, SICKNESS current sets are a punctuated silences filled with cut up sounds, bursts of noise, and crackle. The pieces are carefully constructed and controlled in an improvisational setting, always with the goal or destination in mind. SICKNESS's sound is not a sit back and listen experience. It's active seeking to push, pull, or shove the listener into the theme of each piece. SICKNESS has toured extensively in the US, Japan and Europe bringing my own brand of harsh electronic purity and scumbag electronics to the world with releases on RRR, Hospital Productions, Troniks, Gods of Tundra, Groundfault, Self Abuse Records and others. Whether working under his own name, SICKNESS or OMEI (ambient drone industrial) the aim is to move the listener to unexpected places.