TONIGHT! 6pm: WKCR Remembers Yomo Toro

Yomo Toro, an icon in New York’s Latin music scene since the 1950s and a virtuoso on the Puerto Rican cuatro, died in the Bronx on Saturday. He was 78. From his obituary in the NYTimes: "He played the standard guitar and the smaller requinto guitar, but he was best known as a cuatrista. Associated with Puerto Rican folk culture and the music of the jíbaro, or inland mountain dweller, the cuatro has 10 strings in five groupings of two, either octaves or unisons. Mr. Toro could cut through an orchestra with it, especially once he started adding an electric pickup and plugged it into an amplifier. During the heyday of salsa in the 60s and 70s, he was featured on records with Willie Colón, Hector Lavoe, Larry Harlow and the supergroup known as the Fania All-Stars, and his sound became instantly recognizable." From 6pm to 2am on Friday July 6th, WKCR will be remembering Yomo Toro and recognizing his musical legacy, including an interview at 7pm with trombonist and collaborator Roswell Rudd. Tune in!