TODAY Ragas Live Festival: Friday June 14th!

Tune in all day Friday, June 14, 2013, to hear 24 hours of live in-studio performances of Indian Classical Music! The festival will begin at midnight on Thursday June 13th and end at midnight on Friday June 14th. Raga, which literally means, "to color the mind," is a musical mode in Indian Classical Music that corresponds with specific times of the day or the night. Musicians performing in the festival will select Ragas that correspond to the time of their performance.

Read more for the schedule of the festival:

12am BRM Radio Jam
1am Kanika Pandey, Arun Ramamurthy, Samir Chatterjee
2am Samir Chatterjee, Dan Weiss, and Arun Ramamurthy
3am Dinesh Mirchandani and Aditya Narayan Banerjee
4am Gargi Shinde and Jin Won
5am Ajana Roy and Michael Lukshis
6am Mithun Radhakrishnan and Bala Skandan
7am Indrajit Roy-Chowdhury and Ehren Hanson
8am Roger Lipson, Stephen Celluci, and Andrew Shantz
9am Mitali Banerjee Bhawmik, Indradeep Ghosh, Samir Chatterjee
10am Shiv Subramaniam
11am Rajeswari Satish, Radhika Mani, and Bala Skandan
12noon Eric Fraser and Naren Budhakar
1pm Vivek Pandya and Kalpit Pandya
2pm Suphala Patankar
3pm Roger Lipson, Michael Braudy, Roshni Thompson and Ravi Rao
4pm Samarth Nagarkar and Dibyarka Chatterjee
5pm Shankar Tucker
6pm Camila Celin and Ehren Hanson
7pm Nishanth Chandran and Rajna Swaminathan
8pm Anupam Shobhakar and Meghashyam Keshav
9pm Krishna Bhatt and Anindo Chaterjee
10pm Abhik Mukherjee, Jay Ghandi, and Sameer Gupta
11pm Lee Torchia and Polash Gomes

This year’s festival is produced in collaboration with Anindo Chatterjee School of Tabla, Brooklyn Raga Massive, Carnatic Sundays, Chandayan, Krishna Bhatt Gurukul, HarmoNYom, Navatman, and NYC Radio Live
The festival will be recorded and featured on both the WKCR online archives on and on podcast site

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