Thelonious Monk Birthday Broadcast

Thelonius Monk Birthday Broadcast
Tuesday, October 10, 2023 - 12:00am to 11:59pm

WKCR announces a special broadcast celebrating the 106th birthday of American pianist Thelonious Monk, broadcast on FM and HD radio and online for 24 hours on Tuesday, October 10, 2023. The broadcast will preempt all regularly-scheduled Tuesday shows.

“Round Midnight”, “In Walked Bud”, “Ruby, My Dear”, “Evidence”, and “Blue Monk” are just a few of the compositions from the pen of Thelonious Monk that have made it into the songbook of standards that every jazz musician and listener immediately recognizes. However, Monk composed over 70 tunes (that we are aware of), almost all of which are just as distinctive, leading him to become the second most recorded “jazz” composer after Duke Ellington.

As a pianist, Monk found a style that was unapologetically a reflection of his often labeled “eccentric” style. By virtue of his music being emblematic of the time and the struggles he personally faced while simultaneously being forward thinking, he created a vision of how music should innovate. His deep knowledge of harmony, his time feel and hard swing, combined with his genius melodic choices make him one of the most important contributors to Black American Music that has ever lived.

In celebration of Thelonious Monk's birthday, WKCR's 24-hour broadcast will cover the classic Monk recordings that have stood the test of time such as “Underground”, “(Live) At the Five Spot”, and “Monk’s Music”. As always, you can expect WKCR exclusive recordings, interviews, and stories to help frame the music and legacy of one of the giants of 20th Century music. Monk Lives on KCR!!

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*An earlier version of this blog post misspelled Monk's first name as "Thelonius."