Pat Spadine on Live Constructions: Sunday, June 22 at 10PM

Tune in to Live Constructions this Sunday for an interview with composer Pat Spadine. Spadine is the leader of the Ashcan Orchestra, and he will be taking the group to Issue Project Room this Friday, June 27th, to perform his opera "Apollo's Accidental Answer" for the first time in its entirety. We will talk for an hour about the process of composing the opera and his expectations for the performance. Listen!

The Ashcan Orchestra is simultaneously the audio/visual work of composer Pat Spadine, a large collection of toy, re-appropriated, and "real" instruments, and a revolving performance ensemble based in Bushwick, NY. Since 2007 the ensemble has been employing everything from children's handbells, prepared tape recorders, stacks of discarded televisions, homemade circuitry, colored lightbulbs, mirrors, to more widely accepted noisemakers to create new music in forms more familiar than the instrumentation would lead the listener to believe. This process from humble and understandable beginnings to grander and more complex ends, has been a vehicle to both celebrate and emulate the physics that bind the known universe.