A New Show Airs in the American Department: Hobo's Lullaby

Be sure to tune in to WKCR on Saturday, January 14th for the debut episode of a new show in the American Department: Hobo's Lullaby! Drawing from a broad spectrum of American musical traditions, Hobo's Lullaby will ask you to hop onto a boxcar and travel across the nation and back in time, providing a journey across the many related styles of our nation's traditional music. Each week's show will explore a specific theme--be it historical, topical, spiritual or symbolic--and we will present that theme in classic WKCR fashion, digging through our extensive library of American roots music to tell the full story. On Hobo's Lullaby you will hear a wide variety of sounds from the old America of tall tales and legends; prewar gospel, blues, old-time country, Cajun music, folk songs of protest, sea chanties, prison gang hollers, and Native American dances are just some of the styles that will be represented. And while it all might sound quite different, we will try to present the American idiom of music as a constant dialogue between peoples, classes, and cultures, highlighting just how much these various traditions have in common. Excluding days on which there are special preemptions, Hobo's Lullaby will air every Saturday from 4 to 6 PM beginning on January 14th, 2012. From that date forward, Across 110th Street will air from 12 to 2 PM and Something Inside of Me will air from 2 to 4. No other WKCR shows will be affected by the schedule change. Be sure to boom in to WKCR on the 14th to join the fun!